Opportunity for struggling students

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    If you know a student who may struggling academically or have some behavior issues that may be leading him or her to be ineligible for sports and falling into that at risk category then there is a place that can help. Every year coaches, teachers & parents see those students who have all the potential to be successful but for whatever reason they aren't. Those students who fall into the wrong peer group, the ones that just can't seem to get motivated for classes or that student that just has some life issues that become a road block to meeting their full potential. You have tried everything you can think of but it hasn't worked. Why wait until it is too late?

    Check out Cal Farley Boys Ranch at calfarley.org[/B]. Free for families[/B] with students in need. Cal Farley provides education, tutoring, counseling, life skill development, college assistance, multiple sports teams & much, much more.

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