College Football Scholarships & The Best College Kickers 2018

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    Scout Trout Elite is the number one college football recruit resource in finding college football scholarships with over 550 million in scholarships having been offered to Scout Trout Elite athletes over the past four CFB recruiting classes. Scout Trout Elite is also the owners ofCollegeFootballToday.Org, where we conduct national football recruiting rankings in conjuncture with other major networks like 247 Sports.

    College football scholarships are awarded to the best student-athletes in the nation and are given out at every level of College Football Today, besides the D3 Football level. D3 Football will grant academic monies and other scholarship awards to student-athletes that are interested in attending their universities. Many of these programs are top academic institutions and are not to be taken lightly when considering your college future. FCS and D2 football award football scholarship money sometimes all the way up until August training camp, as seen in years prior at Scout Trout Elite. There are many means to a college football scholarship in our modern day system and getting your recruiting/scouting data to every level of college football is imperative for the highly successful student-athlete. We have seen college football recruits in our program from 2018 recently ink letters of intents by choosing to pursue their goals, even when the entire world doubted them.


    The best college kickers in 2018 at Scout Trout Elite LLC are now all Division One kickers in 2017 K/P Recruit Carson Reed, 2018 All-American Bowl K/P Michael Benson and 2018 All-American Bowl Kicker Parker Mcphail. All three of these young men have showed the perseverance and resilience needed to excel at a high level in the kicking game in the world of College Football Today. All three have been rewarded with opportunities to kick at the Division one level of College Football, as Michael Benson already did at Robert Morris University this past season. 2017 Alaskan K/P Recruit Carson Reed will be kicking for Montana State this coming fall and 2018 All-American Kicker Parker Mcphail out of St. Lukes in Mobile, AL will be kicking for the Southern Miss Golden Eagles!

    NAIA football scholarships are awarded in a multitude of ways and the better GPA that you have, the more amount of money you are likely to be awarded at an NAIA football institution. That being said, NAIA football programs can award up to or sometime even exceed a full scholarship, just like any D1-FBS, D-1AA or even NCAA D2 Football program may. Each level of college football is limited to a certain amount of scholarships that they may award each year and non-FBS Division one programs really begin their recruitment of top college football recruits at this juncture in the recruiting process. Many programs will wait until the matriculation of athletes are signed by FBS programs, so they know the athlete is serious about attending their university. At Scout Trout Elite LLC, we have had many players play in the NAIA and have successful seasons like College Football Today NAIA Player Of The Year Quarterback Martez Vrana. We also our proud to announce that we now have three Division one kickers, who are Scout Trout Elite Alumni, who are highlighted below.


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