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    Baller allows you to broadcast live video of sports and games to anyone, anywhere. Missed out on the live broadcast? Baller will automatically generate highlights and headlines for you to catch up on all the action!

    Use Baller to:

    • Broadcast sports and games to anyone, anywhere. Keep score during the broadcast with the tap of a button, and see comments from live viewers.

    • Stream live games from your device, or view highlights and headlines you can share with friends and family.

    • Organize teams and pickup groups to schedule events, track results, chat about your games, and store your highlights all in one place.

    • Sports Supported: Baller offers custom scoring and group support for over 30 sports and games including basketball, soccer, table tennis, racquetball, flag football, hockey, volleyball and cornhole!

    Broadcast live sports from your iPhone.
    Share your live stream with anyone.
    Watch from anywhere.

    Download the Baller app and start streaming your high school’s sports today!

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