Whither L.J. WESTBROOK (formerly of North Salem)?

Discussion in 'Oregon High School Basketball' started by 86beaver, Jan 20, 2013.

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    I am trying to find a "status update" on former North Salem PG L.J. Westbrook.

    Last I heard, in the Statesman and Oregonian, Westbrook had been suspended from North Salem pending an "ongoing investigation". Not long after that, I read (Statesman) that he was now attending something called Riverside Christian Academy in Lumberton, North Carolina. This school has virtually no internet presence, very odd for today. What little I have found doesn't seem too current and also does not have his name on a roster.

    Poking around Westbrook's Twitter page tonight.
    On a recent (Jan. 12) tweet Westbrook is saying to a Dakota "Cody" Oden
    who tweeted "Accepted to my first college! #OSU", the following reply:
    "S/O to @CodyOden13 for getting accepted to Oregon State! Welcome to the
    Black&Orange Nation bro!"

    This Oden fellow then replied to Westbrook: "@LjWestbrook1 thanks bro!! Lookin forward to watchin you tear it up on the court".

    In addition to that, he's getting tweets from Roberto Nelson (current OSU player) and the background of his Twitter page is a whole bunch of these:


    To me, this is an indication of somebody who expects to be in Corvallis and playing basketball next year somehow.
    Anybody hear any resolution on the allegations that got him suspended from North Salem initially or seen any trace of him, his plans for next year, or anything else about him?

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